Rai’ik and Arivaro

Rai’ik died after being burned alive with a horde of Scourge that he was protecting his partner (a fire mage) from.  His partner wanted to make it out alive at all costs and set the horde along with him in the mids of it all aflame.

He did not die, but he was in so much pain he took his own sword to his neck and killed himself, but was soon brought back by the Litch King and his first thoughts were to slay the mage and so he did.  He has no memory of his life before.  However they are slowly creeping back.  He chose to continue in the footsteps of the Litch King, no matter what.

Arivaro is a warrior who survived the war, however he contracted the plague from his wounds and died afterward from the sickness.  He was one of those whom were dug up from their fresh graves and then revived at Ebon Hold.  Unlike his serious and past self, he takes much delight in being who he is and quite enjoys gems and jewels and other treasures more than anything.

Rai’ik is my own character.

Arivaro belongs to 


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