Grand Magister Rommath

Thank you for those who came to watch the stream of me finishing this piece. For anyone interested in future streams, you’re welcome to follow me to watch for links to the stream events. Or you can also follow me on livestream, the event I have set up for April is here.

Rommath!  😀  😀  😀

:D! Yes, he is my favorite out of the 3. Lookit dat grumpy face. >w<!!

Is he hatching some scheme, or just deeply unimpressed by the nonsense Aethas Sunreaver is spouting out-of-frame? Maybe both? I can’t read those toxic/beautiful eyes. I think I like that.

ROFL I originally had Aethas in the picture with him… but decided last minute to edit him out because he was wearing his helm and so that left me with his ears and I had drawn them in a way that was rather expressive — Like Rommath was scolding him or something, but since I hadn’t touched the sketch in awhile I had completely forgotten what I was going to add for text between them. XD Maybe some day I’ll remember then I’ll have the two in the picture again — or maybe even just, come up with something else! o.o/!

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