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With Death Knights, that may be about the only time where magic changes appearances? I assume Koltira looked pretty handsome in his life which didn’t seem to transfer over too much to his new unlife.. but I digress. 

I suppose a Jaina-esque situation would here whereas magical properties caused a physical change. But that also happened in multiple races.. so I don’t think that instance is limited to belves. (Unless he died with white hair.)

It outright states that Arthas’ hair color was changed due to the influence of Frostmourne. I would assume that something similar would happen with other Death Knights. (My working theory is that the glowing eyes and pale skin are more than enough of a reminder of what he is, so Tev colors his hair.)

A dead guy colours his hair? 

Another random question I did have for people:

Let’s say you’re a blood elf and you spend a few days at the Sunwell in pilgrimage. You sit in the great chamber praying and doing rituals and whatever. You drink from the fountain and dip your hands inside… 

Would this also cause a transformation? Would we see hair and eye-colour changes?

An undead blood elf makes himself look presentable yes. (Its also partially an excuse for my use of the barber shop)

As in eyes turning blue again and things? I don’t think think it would; Fel taint lingers for a while, which is why orcs are still green, and I’m not sure that running around in the Sunwell would count as magical tramua.

As in eyes turning anything other than green. I think there was something stating that the Fel-taint in Eversong is slowly receding, but their eyes would remain green for a very very long time. 

However, with something as powerful as the Sunwell (I keep wanting to type Sunsworn. God help me..), one would assume that the same sort of magical change could happen?

You’re remembering the first question in this post.

I would think that the Sunwell would probably be powerful enough to do it but it might need some sort of directed effort, and who knows what the side effects would be. Apparently the mana bomb turned JanewayJaina’s eyes completely white for a while.