Forgive the punny title but as it states this is basically me writing about how I feel food in the various racial cultures of Azeroth is approached by them and how it varies within these cultures. Bear in mind that these are purely what I think is canon and are not actual fact, if you have any feedback in terms of layout, content or anything or have anything that you wish to discuss or add then feel free. 🙂

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I really love this, and I’m sorry to be the one to rain on the parade, but has no one noticed the cheese vendor in Falconwing Square? Who does nothing but complain about her mother’s passion for cheese?

In cases like this, I like to solve the game and story segregation issue in two ways: Firstly, Blood Elves are resourceful people and I think Silvermoon City has a hell of a black market where the Sin’dorei trade magical haircare products and other beauty supply staples to Alliance traders in exchange for everything they want. Secondly, as a random Blood Elf, who I would assume is fresh out of their Apprenticeship, I think the parts of Eversong, Silvermoon, and the Ghostlands that we see as the ‘Starting Area’ and ‘City Center’ are really only the parts that we would be allowed into at our current rank. This is supported by all the supposed ‘estates’ that are out in Eversong that we never see, including the estate our beloved Regent Lord is supposed to own.

Zone scaling sucks. :C I wanna go to Lor’themar’s real house! I bet it’s decked with stuffed trophies from his glory days while hunting, it’s lived in and he sleeps on PILES of PILLOWS- oh and books in the corners. Lot’sa books!

Eversong itself is massive. What we see in art is essentially a very real representation of just how massively expansive the zone really is. It’s supposed to be heavy woods and tall mountains as you come in from Lordaeron, then slowly come down to the coast, but still fairly hilly.

I think in the short Lor’Themar story they put up, it took him a few days to ride from Silvermoon City to just outside of the gates of Quel’Thalas to meet at the lodge. Eversong is massive enough that things can be easily hidden away and Silvermoon is certainly the same since NO ONE HAS NOTICED THE SHA-BOX IN THE BASEMENT. 

(I do love how all of the RPers share that one house in Fairbreeze that has the bear-skin rugs and beds.)

There’s some great concept art of Quel’thalas in the BC artbook and I want to scan it in but I can’t figure out how.