Now that I think about that Anduin quest line: Actually the little shit did listen to his father. 

Of course the trouble was in the keep so while he followed the letter of the rules, he wasn’t really following the spirit.

And now you know my secret.

*Draws knife* You know what this means.

If you mean to kill me, I think you’ll find your father’s childhood friend has already taken care of that.

KILL you?

*Slicing up some fruit and cheese*

Oh, Light, no. I was just going to offer you some snacks and ask you nicely not to tell. Perhaps bribe you with some magic rings.

Splendid! As an adventurer, do you know how many times a day I hear that? It starts to get quite old after a while; and it usually ends up with me walking away covered in someone else’s blood. It makes my laundry bills just ridiculous.

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