I can’t decide which undead horse mount I want to use.

 I think this might be too much red.

That looks really good with your mog though. 

And its a fuckin rad mount too.

I do love the deathchargers. Combined with the DK armor Tev’s very imposing (which is totally appropriate IC.) 

The last time I looked at this I thought it was a bit over the top, but he was human and I’ve realized that the bar for “over the top” is completely different for blood elves, so this works out pretty well.

Pretty much. With humans, if it looks gaudy or awful, chances are, it looks beautiful with elves. 

And.. 9/10 it does? Like. My mog on a human looks god awful. Put it on an elf? Oh hot damn.

Ahhh~ this is the mog and mount Sin uses. I love it! 8D

Hi-five! 😀

It’s really my favorite gear set. The DK starter blues are great models, and the color is really appropriate for a blood DK.