I’m just going to keep talking about my OCs OK

This is Aurelius Bloodspeaker; he’s Adra’s twin brother.  Where Adra is 5’4 and rail-skinny, Aure is a towering jock of an elf, standing at about 6’2 and weighing probably 260 lbs.  At the start of their story, Aurelius is a high elf warrior.  Post-Sunwell, he turns to the Blood Knight order, mostly because it’s the job option that will let him swing a big sword and gut things the most effectively.  He’s a borderline sociopath consumed by his obsessions and addictions, and he only gets worse as time goes on.  He eventually slits his own throat to become a death knight, because he’s That Guy (which is to say, so far gone and so deeply narcissistic and possessive that he cannot tolerate Adrasteius getting a girlfriend, or any friends at all).

(again; art from avali)