i will be doing my very first set of commissions!

i’m gonna start out with basic busts/sketches of people’s WoW characters/OC’s! Each one will be $5 for basic greyscale, $7 for colors and basic shading. Those are just some references as to my art style and close to what you’ll be getting. you’re more than welcome to suggest flat colors instead of black and white 🙂 

what i will do: humans, elves, any other flippin race you name it! girls, boys, girly boys and boyish girls! i love everyone.

what i won’t  do: porn porn porn porn and animals. i can’t draw animals, sorry 🙁

send me a private message with your deets and we’ll work some magic. i’ll be accepting through paypal!

i’ll take 5 at a time so as not to stretch myself and give speedy delivery. please reblog!

4 spots left!

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