Just as a friendly reminder to people…




We’re going to get into lore debates. People are going to have opinions. People are going to be right, and they are going to be wrong. 

It’s okay to not like a thing. It’s okay to like a thing. But please, do us all a favor. 

Be civil about it.

I love all of you a lot. I am a mutual follower for a lot of people who have been heavily intertwined in this debate. I’m not going to unfollow anyone for their opinions or beliefs (unless outright retarded or we get into a fight..) but there is no reason to stop being civil with someone over lore in a video game.

Just smile and remember when 5.3 comes around..

We can just blame Metzen and be done with it.

Does this mean I can’t tell people they’re adopted

Remember the last time that you told someone that?! 

A ripple in space-time formed and they became adopted?

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