The screams seemed never-ending, filling the rotten Stormwind air. Good thing I no longer need to breathe.
A sinister smile carved itself into his deadened face.
“Anduin, this way. Let us visit the Cathedral.” The shambling rest of what used to be his son turned its lopsided face sideways, then hobbled slowly forward.
Varian called the other undead to him and followed, a Val’kyr flying overhead.

The priests never stood a chance against the swarm overwhelming their few numbers easily. A few ghouls burned their feet when eagerly running ahead into the grand building, but were the only true casualties.
Death and decay ensured no other victims of holy magic and allowed the king to advance into the cathedral with further hindrances. He went and sat upon the altar, his own powers staining the white marble a horrendous grey.
“We should make haste and take the rest of the city while no one opposes us.”
“Oh, go away. Return to Sylvanas and let her know that she has nothing to worry about. The other leaders will take some time to discuss strategy, leaving us enough to conclude business.”
The Val’kyr beat her wings in frustration. “My queen asked me to stay with you, and so I shall.”
“Then I will hear no more from you.” His hand found Anduin’s head, lovingly patting the few blonde strands left.