So one of the most mindblowing things I ever discovered was when I found out that ‘PST’ is in fact short for ‘Please Send Tell’. See I just thought it was an onomatopoeia of the sound you make when trying to get someone’s attention to whisper to them “PSSST!!” So. Y’know. “Pst me” was just a way to say ‘whisper me’.

I thought ‘PUG’ was just used cause it related to having random people, like the Pug pet achievement.

Turns out, it worked the other way around.

*Blank look* I… I never realized that the Perky Pug being the achievement was a pun off of PUGing… Oh my God… Wow…

Yeah, that’s why they have the xzibit joke in the email:

Dear very patient individual,

We’d like to recognize your tenacity in running dungeons with people you probably haven’t met before.
Hopefully you even showed some rookies the ropes in your pick-up groups.

In short, we heard you like pugs. So here’s a pug for your pug, so you can pug while you pug. Or something.

Your friends on the WoW Dev Team.

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