This is me trying to heal wpvp while getting 2 frames per second.  Anyone who enjoys pvp to that magnitude must have a god computer and should give it to me.

WPVP of that scale even with a decent computer is still really laggy, it is not very fun. Because you could have the best system and all that, but the server lag and all that is absolutely vile. Spamming lifebloom or w/e with 3 frames must be real lame :C

It is pretty terrible.  I really want to be able to use my mushrooms but I can’t because lol lag.

Half the Alliance raids over there swear they don’t get any lag at all doing this shit.  I don’t think anyone believes them, but like what the hell

Yeah, I’m going to call bullshit. I normally get 60fps everywhere, but with more than like 80 people in an area, I start getting lag. And that’s before spell effects.

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