The Ladies of World of Warcraft – Alliance

Jaina Proudmoore, Moira Thaurissan, Chronormu (Chromie), Tyrande Whisperwind

they are here and they are pissed

Wait, what is Chromie doing with the Alliance? She’s a bloody dragon.

hang on a sec –  Yo old timers, help me with my memory – when Chromie was a quest giver at Andorhal, Western Plaguelands, did she only give to Alliance only or both factions?

Both factions I believe.

I quested for Chromie back in the day, when I only played Horde.

And isn’t Chromie actually a male dragon? Who just likes the female gnome look because fuck you that’s why? 

This is true. Though you can’t really find anything about it ingame anymore iirc :/ It’s kind of annoying. He actually said in vanilla that he just preferred gnome females. (also I love the hell out of Chromie)

Might I also mention that dragons can be gendered with their names? In the case of bronze, it ends in a “U” meaning its male, and “Mi” and “Mie” in females (in english however, chromie is a diminutive, or “cutened” version). So Chromie is really the female version of his name, and chromie does not even give a fuck about what you think of genders. Chromie, why you so awesome?

Speculation/ headcannon: chromie is really probably one of two transgendered or gender-changed characters in wow, both of which are part of the bronze dragonflight, both of whom decided that they no longer wished to be what they appeared. Chromie had it easy, shapeshifting and all, Bortega on the other hand, seemed to do a lot of work for his new bod (though his voice remains quite high, but thats okay, we dont judge). 

The best part about chromie is that everyone genuienly loves her, and doesn;t seem to give a shit that she used to be a man or is hiding the fact that shes a man. Why couldnt it always be that easy?

Oh wow this is actually really cool I never knew Chromie is/was a dude and my mind is blown. Aaa now I just love him/her even more. :DDD

Sigh, look y’all, if Chromie is biologically male and identifies as female or just likes the female Gnome form, LET’S PLEASE JUST RESPECT THAT AND CLOSE THIS TOPIC ALREADY.

And afaik Chromie is a female dragon with a male name, but in the end it doesn’t matter at all. Chromie is a badass and a cutie-pie. Ende. Aus.

Female dragon, male name:

Chronormu (Chromie) – She’s a temporal investigator, she’s an ambassador, and she floats in the air after Stratholme has been successfully culled. Chromie’s the real ham of the dragonkin. Though she’s actively played many a role in regulating time, including a heroic jump backward at the Andorhal ruins, Chromie will most likely always be known for her role in the Culling of Stratholme instance.

– World of Warcraft Official Magazine (Vol. 1, Issue 2, p. 28)