The Ladies of World of Warcraft – Alliance

Jaina Proudmoore, Moira Thaurissan, Chronormu (Chromie), Tyrande Whisperwind

they are here and they are pissed

Chromie’s a dude. But that’s alright. 

I think he secretly likes being female so I always refer him as ‘she’ when he’s in that form

Chronormu is actually a girl, she’s an exception to the -ormu/-ormi thing time dragons normally do.


Chronormu (Chromie) – She’s a temporal investigator, she’s an ambassador, and she floats in the air after Stratholme has been successfully culled. Chromie’s the real ham of the dragonkin. Though she’s actively played many a role in regulating time, including a heroic jump backward at the Andorhal ruins, Chromie will most likely always be known for her role in the Culling of Stratholme instance.

– World of Warcraft Official Magazine  (Vol. 1, Issue 2, p. 28)

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