What if the faction leaders que’d up for Heroic Dungeon?

Garrosh would be the dick tank. LETSGODAMMIT

Varian would be the less dicklike tank. COME ON, YA PUSSY, HIT ME.

Anduin and Velen are trying to keep everyone alive. Baine, Malfurion and Genn are just like, ‘Guys, guys, come on, you suck at this.’

Lor’themar and Halduron are in the back picking off trash mobs. Sylvanas is owning absolutely everything and Rommath is setting shit on fire.

Gallywix is the designated loot whore, of course.

Tyrande is… I don’t even know… If we get to count Kolitra, Thassarian and Darion Mograine, they’re probably the decent tanks who are having to double as team dads for the rest of the raid.

Vol’jin may or may not be attempting to sabotage Garrosh while blasting the boss with voodoo.

That’s all I’ve got. Anyone else?


Please include Koltira, Thassarian, and Darion Mograine. Because someone has to be sane here and they’re the only ones. No brain that does not mean they’re sneaking off for a threesome.

Sylvanas is vaguely contemplating shooting Garrosh for being a dick tank. (Haven’t we all wanted to do that as dps?) Possibly also having a shooting contest with Tyrande. Hot elf archer ladies together, yes? Brb brain in gutter.

I like how you think 🙂

Sylvanas is the type to ask for recount after every encounter even though you know she has it installed.