pros to being a cat:

  • u have a tail
  • someone cleans up ur poop
  • nine lives
  • sleep all day
  • no school
  • if ur an asshole people are like “oh that’s just what cats do”
  • no one fucks with u cause u claw their eyes out

cons to being a cat:


Adding to this:

  • You can get as fat as you want because people think fat cats are adorable
  • You can wake someone up by putting your butt on their face and they will not think any less of you
  • If you sing terribly, that’s ok – all cats do
  • You never have to pay for your food ever again
  • There’s even a brand of food called ‘fancy feast’
  • Cats do not pay taxes
  • Back rubs, ear rubs, brushed all day long or whenever you decide because you’re the goddamn cat
  • The furniture is now your own personal claw sharpening tool
  • Catnip is legal and people think it’s cute when you’re cracked out on it
  • You can play with your food