Okay, so, I’m ready to dungeon as my Death Knight.

However, my action bars…I don’t know if they work. I also don’t know what attacks to use, and asking the pugs when in the dungeon makes me really nervous.

This is what I have set up so far;


Specialization is Blood (Secondary is Unholy) and my gear is really shitty right now.

Help with rearranging/knowing what to use for tank?

If all else fails, should I make a different class at a lower level to practice first?

1) Diseases up (Ice Toucy/Plague Strike until you get Outbreak)

2) Death Strike as much and as often as possible. (It heals you and builds up blood shield, which is your active mitigation.)

3) Rune Strike whenever you have enough RP.

Use blood boil to refresh diseases, and if you spec into rolling blood, it will also spread it across multiple targets.