Daily reminder that sexism won’t help you impress women.

o.O … i have no words

well, it’s RP, so let’s not take it too personally.

and by that i mean, don’t take it personally at all.

yeah what I am wondering is that it’s rare for me to see stuff like this. it’s just is the guy is like this in real life? or too deep in character

I was gonna say if that’s just how his character is then it’s w/e but jesus if he’s like that IRL then sheesh prepared to get kicked in the nads

the way they’re typing makes it seem like it’s in character but

i just don’t know

When the person from WrA was emoting at my character, he was exclusively using second-person, even for custom emotes (“name looks at you”). That’s always been weird to me and a hallmark, in my experience, of someone who just wants cyber.

I don’t think anyone was taking it personally, at least I didn’t see that. I was making fun of him in gchat, and he was continually whispering me throughout asking things like “why are you being so difficult” etc, which is weird to me? I didn’t get in in the screenshot because I use separate windows.

Zora is level 15 and is, for all intents and purposes, a peasant that decided she’d lend her help to fight off the kobolds in Westfall. She told the truth there, she has no fancy titles because, for all intents and purposes, she is a nobody. (this last part is to a different commenter).

You guys done?

it was up and ripe for the taking

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Hold on. Stop.

You say the character was emoting at you by using second-person emotes, but in the screenshots, I see him using three emotes. One is a stock one, another says he raises an eyebrow and the other mentions the character’s name. 

In these screenshots, we see the characters introducing themselves and the rest of their conversation until Zora leaves. During this time, there were NO other emotes to show this guy ‘just wanted to cyber’ as you say.

I bring this up because you use the way he was emoting as an excuse for his roleplay? Because you think he was looking for ERP, therefor, he isn’t really roleplaying? Just trollin’ for dat e-vag?

Now, let’s look at what the character was actually saying, shall we?

Sure, it could come off as sexist. A man? Thinking a woman shouldn’t be fighting?! But his intentions, while misguided, are somewhat reasonable. It’s obvious the character feels that if women were to die in battle, it would hurt the population more than if a man were to die. Hell, to me, he’s placing women HIGHER than a man. Men, to him, are disposable. Women have more value than dying on a battlefield.

Sure, it comes off as sexist in a way, but listen.

The character is not the player. 

You mention he whispered you about how you were making it difficult, but said whispers were not saved, but I recall a previous post from you with a screenshot of a whisper you received that was rather popular, showing you have WIM. If I recall correctly, WIM saves whispers, doesn’t it? I would think the whispers of him would be more upsetting than the roleplay, but, ah, that’s just me.

If you wanted to call this guy out for a sexist attitude, use what HE said, not the character. 

Now, some have mentioned that perhaps the male was talking out of character. Perhaps he was. Perhaps the OP was talking out of character as well.

I don’t know many Westfall peasants who say “I am more than my uterus” considering I don’t think Azeroth has a lot of medical terms like that, what with the magic healing and what not. Still, I could be wrong.

Point is, a guy is trying to RP with you. He says something YOU and your character don’t agree with. That’s fine. I have racist characters who have blurted out some rude things in their time and I have played characters that have had that racism thrown in their face. Even sexism! You RP’d back with him, which is great! But then to post what his character said in an attempt to shame the PLAYER is WRONG.

Because the character is NOT the player. 

/steps of soapbox

/drops mic