in case you forgot, anduin wrynn is still fourteen because blizzard

so you know, about that wranduin smut


Technically he COULD be 15 or 16.


Or you could just … ya know… blacklist it…

And by technicality, anything you ship from major TV shows, anime, (Ouran anyone?) or anything, most of the characters are UNDER the age of 18 so…


Need I remind some people that 16 is a legal age in most places.

Not many, but in my state 16 was old enough to engage in sex. 


and I’m not even a fan of this pairing.

I always figured he was between 15-17

And this is Azeroth anyways. Considering “time period” themes and all, Andiun’s technically old enough to get married
People seem to forget that actually not all that long ago (or at least considering human history) it was fairly normal for kids (boys) to take part in a military
In medieval Europe, young boys from about twelve years of age were used as military aides (“squires”), though in theory their role in actual combat was limited
Around 15 they were given more roles and throughout history kids have been used, if not as soldiers than other roles like spies, messengers, etc
And girls would often be married off at 12-15
Though considering there’s more gender equality, girls would probably as likely or nearly as likely to be enlisted in some way or another, get married,  and do other things that now a days would be considered unthinkable for that age
Considering the theme of this universe, it’s not that hard to believe that while 14-18 would be like (16/)18-21 for a lot of places in the US. Kind of an adult, but you’re only able to do certain things

Not that like I wanna step on toes re: ships since I ship dead trolls and stuff but like

I dunno if we can assume what’s normal for people in terms of ages in the wow universe.  Would they have people enlist at 15, or would they stick to 18 because it’s the safe cultural norm for people OUTSIDE the game.

Headcanons are rad and people should have them, but I wouldn’t necessarily assume they are right until you see something solid.  Azeroth history isn’t our history, so idk

I’m not saying it isn’t possible, I just don’t know if comparing the histories is apt.

I’d just like to point out that by Anduin’s age, Calia Menethil was already enagaged to be married to a black dragon. (You know, Deathwing. The Destroyer; the end of all things! Inevitable! Indomitable! I AM TH— wait did I really just start quoting Madness.)