It’s that time of the xpac again.  I want all of my alts to be 90 and geared and ready to go.  Sadly I am lazy as hell and deleted my mage, which was my best class.

What’s shitty is that I’m best as healing, but I have such a love/hate relationship with it right now.  I think all druids secretly hate themselves.  If you play a druid and don’t secretly hate yourself I suspect you of Satanism.  Not because the class is bad, it’s just something I’ll be watching you for.

Anyway, it’s lame because I’m gearing my spriest, running around screaming SHADOW WORD DEATHHHHTHTHTHTTTHHTH which is fun and stuff, but every once in awhile we get into a tight spot and my screams of torture and sadistic glee turn into horrific sobbing and multi page fanfictions about how I could have been healing during that fight.

So I hop back on my druid and ahhh, Bikini Bottom.  Except then I don’t do any damage…

Basically what I’m saying is that I miss being a UH DK.

Good news! Unholy is getting even more buffs than other DKs in 5.2. 

Also, even better than hating yourself as a druid is to make everyone hate you. I guess what I am saying is take up herbalism.