barkentin said: Then you’d never have to buy popsicles.

we l l arthas is still p attractive i mean im into hatesex and im probably into necrophilia so i don t see a problem w/ suckin him off still

u kno i bet arthas has a constant boner due to rigor mortis just think about that for a second

image rigor mortis reaches maximum stiffness after 12 hours and then dissipates after 2-2.5 days.

I tell you this because then i can say “maximum stiffness”.

do u think arthas has erectile dysfunction and has 2 pump his dick up bc then thatd b rly funny maybe thats why he kille d all the belves bc their pee pees all work right he has pee pee insecurites


he has the powers of frost, unholy and blood.

its probably some special talent off bloodworm.