barkentin said: Then you’d never have to buy popsicles.

we l l arthas is still p attractive i mean im into hatesex and im probably into necrophilia so i don t see a problem w/ suckin him off still

u kno i bet arthas has a constant boner due to rigor mortis just think about that for a second

image rigor mortis reaches maximum stiffness after 12 hours and then dissipates after 2-2.5 days.

I tell you this because then i can say “maximum stiffness”.

do u think arthas has erectile dysfunction and has 2 pump his dick up bc then thatd b rly funny maybe thats why he kille d all the belves bc their pee pees all work right he has pee pee insecurites



I need you to set up a romantic candlelight dinner, rent a motel room with leopard-print sheets, and fuck yourself.

are u insinuating i dont already do that bc im pretty hot 10/10 would fuck material right here

I am now imagining that one piece of art w/ thassarian boning koltria while arthas watches  

but with lance x lance instead


does this trigger ur rigor mortis , , , arthas 


yes this is exactly what i had in my head