This week’s collection of things that would make a better warchief than Garrosh.

wheres kaingo at

no they’re right he is an awful warchief and, shit, Garrosh would probably agree as he didn’t even want the title oops

He’s a brilliant tactician, but can’t lead or relate to much more than orcs and warrior-tauren.

In order to become a good warchief he would have needed a lot more time on Azeroth to mature and become more rounded out as a character and person and learn the meaning of the Horde other than “Orcish.” You can see the beginnings of that throughout a few Cataclysm questlines.

Unfortunately, the Shattering indirectly thrust him into a position he wasn’t ready for, and Thrall refused to take on the mantle of Warchief after his job is done, and this is what fucking happens. 

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