Remember how I said I was trying out tanking? I leveled from 30-45 doing nothing but tanking dungeons. And oh god. The more I tank, the more I hate the other people that play this game. Especially hunters. Even though my main is a hunter, I’m beginning to hate other hunters with a burning passion.

Some things I’ve noticed.

1. WHY DOES NO ONE WATCH WHERE THEY’RE GOING? The amount of times I’ve had to taunt mobs off people because they ran face first into the next pack of mobs is disgusting.

2. Hunters, why is it such a difficult concept to grasp that Growl should be off?

3. If you decide that the tank isn’t pulling fast enough, so you decide to pull yourself, I hate you. With a burning passion.

4. Healers are the best people ever and I want to hug each and every one of you for keeping me alive while I learn to tank. (Except for that one healer who decided I wasn’t pulling fast enough and decided to pull the entire first room of Scholomance. You’re an ass.)

Pretty much everything here. 

#2 gets fun when you talk to the healer and get them to stop healing the pet.