WIP companion piece to the lovely valaaia’s KYEC fanart

Varian felt there was something…odd…about the Mag’har’s appearance, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. To him, the orc wore his usual armor and sported his same ugly features, but there was a subtle glow to his eyes, a dark, sick red that made him uneasy.

…[varian’s reflection features excerpted in Valaaia’s work]…

It took him a long second to register that he was looking at himself.The image made his stomach churn and he recoiled from the surface.

When he looked at himself, he saw none of it. To him, his armor, his sword, everything he could see was the same—nothing had changed.

An illusion, then? Is that who people will see when they look at us?He thought, horrified.

From the startled orcish cry he heard, he assumed the same sort of transformation was true for the Mag’har.

Keep Your Enemies Closer, Chapter 6

The story is written in primarily Varian’s point of view, and as such, what Garrosh sees in his reflection isn’t gone into. 

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