If you’re a female Kaldorei over nine thousand years old, you know good and well you shouldn’t be a druid. Not only did you grow up in a time when it was absolutely forbidden, it’s hopelessly ingrained in you now. The last six years won’t change nine thousand years of training to not be a druid.

Also, for anyone wondering, female night elves are an average of 6’8”, males an average of 7’. Stop making your Kaldorei women 5’5” and under. Stop.



At the very least, there would not be any great skill involved (even ‘decent’ would take a lot of effort, and ‘good’ would take TONS…no ‘arch-druid’ level skillz for them), and there’s likely be a lot of wrestling with those ingrained ‘but-I-shouldn’t-be-doing-this’ feelings.  Although now I’m trying to figure out exactly how old Leyara is…it would probably help if I remembered how long ago the sealing of AQ was.

Just a mere 1,000 years.
No time at all, really.