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Night elf or Troll depending on what it is right now *u*

s/hes a belf right now; i was thinking probably nelf because i hate DK pvp (even more than pvp in general (because im really bad weeps)) and i dont really NEED the human trinket racial

i dont know NElf lore tho how do??? i was just barely getting a grasp on be lore gdi

Honestly I don’t know how nelfs would view death knights.  I know a lot of people say they would be shunned or at least not readily accepted, since their whole civilization is basically yay trees cycle of life look at that moon nice tits btw, so I don’t really know how a DK fits into that.

But I’m not a nelf lore buff, so if it strays from the basic “This is what happened during the timeline and this is their basic society and age garbage” I don’t really know.

What’s important is that they can have bright pink hair.

this is a fair point, however you do have to appreciate human female’s hilariously large anime weapons

eeeeeagugugugughhhhggg i doubt that nelfs are super into having DKs in their society you know, like you said with all their nature fetish

yo yo yo this is pretty much correct

Life is sacred to the Night Elfs, so much so that the undead/dks are seen as disgusting abominations that should be singed from azeroth, their zeal to cleanse the undead outweighs even the humans. 

Yeah sure some have outgrown the racism and extremist views, but not many, for the most part dk nelfs are really torn individuals, one part of them refuses to stop existing, but their beliefs won’t be forgotten that easily, even taking self preservation instincts into account. 

It’s doubtful that dks would be welcomed into darn with open arms, only being tolerated due to alliances. 

I’ve never actually met a nelf DK rper, and I really want to.  Just to see what they do and how they do it, I dunno.  I could see them just inserting themselves into a military situation, rather than just returning to Darnassus and hoping for the best.

WTB more than one DK per server.


You can also have more than one dk per realm if you make it off realm and transfer it over