Okay here’s my thing, and this isn’t directed at anybody so don’t take offense.

I don’t get why people pvp against each other and then go LOL DID YOU SEE THAT GUY HE’S SO BAD, like especially if they lose.  If someone kills you in pvp, and not like in an “I’m the worst class/spec in the game and wearing greys and they’re the best class/spec in the game and geared to the teeth”, and you say they’re bad, aren’t you um also by extension calling yourself bad?

Like when I lose to people I’m like “man that person outplayed me, darn I will have to get better to defeat them” and stuff, not like LOL DID YOU SEE THAT HE MANAGED TO KILL ME WHAT A BADDIE.


That just doesn’t make sense to me, because you’re essentially calling yourself terrible, which is kinda funny and kinda sad.

And then you have like, Dude Who Barely Manages to Kill Someone in a Duel guy, who runs around afterwards going WOOOO.  I’M THE BEST YOU BLOW ASS WOOOO.

Like dude if you barely killed a dude in a duel (or in any setting!), and then called them terrible, you’re basically saying you’re only marginally better than a terrible player, which is still pretty bad.

I’m not trying to pick on anybody, I’m just confused by “I can’t beat/can barely beat that guy and he’s so awful”, like.  Oh.  I’m sorry you don’t think you’re a good player.

I’d rather be trounced by someone and be like DARN HE’S GOOD, so later when you beat them you can be like HEY I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF, I WON, than just call everyone terrible and only be a little better than them idk could just be me.

Oh but Rasek, good isn’t subjective in this game because arenas and RBGs!  Well first of all lol, secondly if you go by that rating system and you’re both 1550 or 1750 or something like that then compared to someone at 2700 rating we’re all terrible so it really doesn’t matter.

t;ldr why would you call someone bad if you lose or can barely beat them b/c it just makes you seem like a bad player by extension.  No shame in losing to a better player, okay xoxo

I’ve only really had one situation where I’ve called someone who beat me bad, they were level capped and I was two levels below them, and I managed to get them down to half health before they finally killed me. There is really no way the fight should have gone on as long as it did.