Had an awful experience at a popular coffee shop this morning. (Not going to name names because of my influence on the readers of my fabulous posts.) Below is the jest of what happened.

Me: I’ll have a grande quad soy vanilla latte light please.
Barista: Would you like whip cream?
Me: I asked for soy, why would I want whip cream?
Barista: A lot of people order it that way.
Me: I’m lactose intolerant. Whip cream has dairy in it. I can’t have dairy.
Barista: Sorry. All you had to say was no thanks.

He finally rang me up and started making my drink. The nerve of some people. If I wanted whip cream wouldn’t I ask for it? I really hope that same guy isn’t there tomorrow morning when I go back or I’ll have to go without my coffee.

he shouldve asked you if you wanted to get smacked instead of whipped cream u fuckin princess 

All you had to say was no thanks.

omfg this is

so dumb

what the