Kek, so unless our tier pieces are 100% perfectly optimized for us, it’s looking like 4set will actually be a dps loss for dks. 

Blizzard #1 eu/us

i dont play dk whats wrong with it idgi

Well as it stands Army of the Dead is a dps loss if you don’t use it at the exact right time (As the pull countdown is going off after a prepot when you can’t be attacking the boss, or during downtime) not to mention the fact that if the ghouls don’t have 100% uptime it’s a dps loss due to the 3 runes lost and the 5 gcds.

Throw in the fact that in it’s complete duration AOTD does about 1.6mil damage for a 10 minute cooldown, and that in a 25 player raid my AOTD does literally 0.07% of the damage done over a fight? The cooldown as it stands is incredibly weak and outdated. 

If the tier pieces aren’t stacked to the brim with haste and crit the off pieces that are haste stacked (because there always are every tier) will be a bigger dps increase over all. 

Actually, in a raid the 10 minute cool down is a non-issue: while most boss encounters are less than 10 minutes, Army’s cooldown gets reset when the encounter is over. Looking over my logs, the extra 15 seconds of army would add another 600,000 damage.