Now, I haven’t reached max level yet, so I haven’t done all the dungeons or any of the new raids. But what is the end game storyline of MoP supposed to be like? Maybe it is because I’ve watched too much Buffy, but I am so used to there being a Big Bad every season/expansion. Good friends to play with make an mmo worth playing imo. The thing is, I currently don’t have anyone to play with, and to me the story is lackluster. The talent changes are horrendous. And if I wanted to play pokemon, I would just get the real game. It has always been a love/hate relationship between WoW and I, and these are just my personal feelings and opinions.

What I ask of you, is what is the driving story of MoP? Is it just to explore? Explain in great detail and using moving pictures!!!

It’s basically planet of the apes but with bears.  As you get further into the jungles of Pandora you meet the true native people, a small tribe of creatures based on various Chinese noodle dishes.

They tell you more about the lore involving the black sludge clinging to the land, which you not doubt have noticed.  They call it “Hinik”, and apparently the more you try to reason with Hinik the more it just runs circles around you and corrupts the land, so they’ve taken to hiding in the trees.

The Hinik only started spitting out the pandas in the last couple of years to parade around as his own mind slaves, similar to the Lich King except we don’t know the Hinik’s goals yet.

When you get to like lvl 88 they’ll start getting more into it and you actually start fighting the Pandoras and stuff.

Once you hit 90 you get to go to the Shrine of the Two Moons, which is basically this huge Zandalari Trolls temple where they try to do like a major standoff against the Hinik and the Pandoras.  It’s p neat.