Ugh.  I hate stupid people.  Especially stupid people that play huntards incredibly wrong.

So, I was tanking on my newly 85 panda monk.  I, for some reason, could not hold aggro, even with my 400+ item level (hell, I have the Spear of Xuen, that has been upgraded to iLevel 471, enchanted with Colossus for goodness sake).  I took note that the damn hunter pet was constantly on aggro – and that the pet was the only one to have aggro.  Not the other players.  Just the damn pet.  (In retrospect, I have a feeling the healer was healing the pet, which is why it lived so long…but anyways…)

So, I told the hunter to turn it off, which they seemed to ignore.  After the first boss, they finally put up in all caps “I’M SORRY”, after me complaining for the 4th time.  But then, they still never turned it off.  I was beginning to suspect that they didn’t know how.

We were in the Temple of the Jade Serpent, and we got to the 2nd to last boss area – where the Sha are.  Well, with the pet taunting all the time, I couldn’t control the Sha movement to keep melee from staying out of the purple.  So I say once again to the hunter, to turn it off and that me re-taunting only had the effect of having aggro for all of a split second before their damn worg re-pulled.

Well, on the 2nd to last boss, their pet finally died.  Guess was.  Instant aggro to me.  Go figure.  The hunter revives their pet mid-fight, and I lose aggro again.

After that fight, I initiated a vote kick, which passed.  We all laughed for a second about the idiot huntard.  But then…  Seconds later, I get a PM from the player we kicked (they happened to be on the same realm as me, wonderful).  They told me that I was “harsh”…and then called me a “Tank Diva”.

Wow, really?  I told them that they were kicked because they obviously do not know how to play their class.  So, what do they tell me next?  “Next time, tell your BM hunter to dismiss their pet instead” – that was their response.  Ummm.  Are you fucking retarded?  You don’t dismiss your damn pet you idiot!  As a BM hunter, most of your damage should be coming from your pet.  What an idiot!

Not that it’s a surprise, but, after they were kicked, I had no problems holding aggro in that dungeon, nor the other 3 runs I did that didn’t have an idiot hunter…

But the story doesn’t end there.  Today, I got a mail item from said player.  It contained 10g, and a note:  “Here is 10g to buy better gear so you don’t lose aggro to a stupid pet”.  Can this person be any dumber?  I wrote back telling them that aggro issues had nothing to do with my gear (in fact, I even had the highest DPS at 20k that run – they had the least with about 9k).  I told them, the fact that your pet kept taunting is what made me have aggro problems, and that they need to learn to play their class.

Dear lord, people are so dumb in this game sometimes.  The more they talk, the more they dig themselves into a deeper hole.  I’m half tempted to camp /who for their name when they are in a city so I can call them out in trade chat and let them have fun with it.  But that would just be evil.

Seriously.  I mean, fucking seriously though.