Sindre got a new mog set! The pieces I used are only the ones I picked because they’re what dropped, but there are multiple pieces for each slot that look the same. Everything I mogged aside from the weapon and boots I got from Naxx 25. 

Head: Fire-Scorched Greathelm (Didn’t mog, not shown.)
Shoulders: Shoulderguards of the Undaunted
Chest: Undiminished Battleplate
Belt: Veteran’s Plate Belt (Found a belt I liked!)
Wrist: Bracers of Dalaran’s Parapets (Didn’t mog, not shown.)
Hands: Callous-Hearted Gauntlets
Legs: Legplates of Double Strikes
Feet: Spiked Titansteel Treads (These are crafted by blacksmiths.)
2H Sword: Massacre Sword (The drop, not the vendor item.)
Tabard: Orgrimmar Tabard (Not mogged, but it was red and it worked.)

Oh man that is exactly the belt I need to finish out my copy of this set.