Amusing WoW story I was reminiscing about tonight and thought I’d share. From my newbie days.

So, you know the vultures in Deadwind Pass called Sky Shadows? Back in Vanilla I was running around exploring as much of the world as I could in between leveling since it was all new and exciting to me.

I found my way into Deadwind Pass after heading through STV. I was in awe of this eerie, atmospheric zone that didn’t seem to have much purpose. It seemed to be empty of mobs, and I thought I was safe at my relatively low level at the time. That’s when I glimpsed one of those vultures at the end of a path.

To me, ‘Sky Shadow’ didn’t seem like a common mob classification, it sounded like a name. I thought it was something like a named rare or elite, maybe a boss of some sort, a unique creature. It didn’t occur to me that there was more than one. Naturally it was a skull to me at the time, so I was a little freaked out (added to by the overall quiet creepiness of the zone) and decided to turn around.

Being the graceful newb that I was, I managed to fall off one of the overpass things and fell to the water at the bottom of the zone. I had to swim all the way down the creek until I found a way back on land, and when I dragged myself out of the water, there it was.

Sky Shadow.

Waiting for me.

Understand that I just ended up in a completely different part of the zone from where I saw the first Sky Shadow (and again, I was presuming it was a single mob). Seeing it in front of me gave me the sudden terrifying realization that it must follow a player around the zone and stalk them.

I was so scared that I hearthstoned right out of there and was too freaked out to step foot in Deadwind Pass for a long time after that. All I imagined was a desolate, silent zone where Sky Shadow, the blue vulture, would sense you entering the area and begin to follow you until it killed you.

I was a little disappointed to find out I was mistaken, but I always laugh when I pass through the area these days and see one of those birds.