Garrosh Hellscream is an even bigger douchebag than I remember. Can we have a mutiny event where we overthrow him please?



That’s so cute that people still support him. He gives the Horde a bad name. Thrall should’ve never left. Or at least put Vol’jin in charge.

you don’t understand horde politics very well do you, and don’t understand why he was named as warchief in the first place, huh?

well at least you’re not blaming him for cairne’s death or anything.

but really, you’ve GOTTA believe me (or research him or something);

he was a REALLY, really great character. Not a lawful-good character, per se, but had an interesting personality that inspired loyalty from his men without fitting into the cut out, mary sue “good guy” standee that Metzen has reserved for Thrall. He was a foil to Thrall, you gotta keep that in mind.

Then he became warchief, and he was heading down a road that suggested that he was developing as a character and a leader and a person, and that was a GOOD THING. He made comments and made decisions that suggested that, hell, he had learned something of leadership from Saurfang, and that one day he would make an excellent leader. And he did all this while staying in character and keeping his pigheaded personality intact. 

This was all pretty fabulous.

And then the writing team apparently shit themselves. I don’t know if Blizzard just caved in to the uneducated popular opinion of the character (“RAWR SHORT TEMPER & STUBBORN & NOT CONVENTIONALLY ATTRACTIVE = EVIL HE NEEDS TO DIE”) or if 


metzen got real high with some writer buddies in the office or something

bu they made him start actin way, WAY out of character, to the point that it was painfully obvious something was seriously wrong if you knew anything about Garrosh Hellscream. (A BOMB????? HE USED A FUCKING BOMB??? AFTER STONETALON? ARE YOU SHITTING ME)

Long story short: No one is PRO- MoP garrosh hellscream. That would be like being pro-lich king. Pro-deathwing. It would be ridiculous.

But can you value Arthas as a character and genuinely like his personality before things turned sour?

Can you have a bleeding heart for Illidan’s backstory and empathize with him?

Can you look at Kael’thas and think that, in his point of view, he was doing what he saw as right?

Yeah. I think you can. 

I dunno, I totally would have taken that res from Arthas in ICC.

Plate repair bills are expensive, you know.

Plus, the Death Knight starting zone is one of my favorite places.