I’d just like to point out how positively angry it makes me when people roleplay their worgen as being “feral.” Be it worgen with either “super feral traits!” or people who actually roleplay their worgen as being feral (lol), it’s still equally retarded.

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There’s also the Worgen Death Knights, who have a bit of different lore.

They’re escaped Arugal-Worgen. So technically feral.
However, it’s possible that when they were raised by Arthas, they got humanity back?
(They’re somehow able to go from worgen->human without the night elf ritual)
And no, you can’t go claiming you’re a different pack of Worgen death knight.
They’re only Arugal ones from Silverpine/Shadowfang. And they probably made the Knights of the Ebon Blade their new pack in undeath.

That’s exactly it, the “feral worgen” problem got replaced with the whole “undead herald of Arthas” problem:

When the player death knights are pressed into the service of the Lich King, their minds are flooded with his indomitable will. The mind of a worgen who has not undergone the purification ritual beneath Tal’doren is in a state of constant battle between the wild, animal instincts of the curse and the rational mind of a human. Almost invariably, the curse overwhelms the human mind and renders the worgen little more than a ravenous beast. With the addition of the Lich King’s control, however, the instincts of the curse are shattered by his power, leaving the logical, human mind in the service of the Scourge. And with the Lich King’s will removed, as was the case with the Knights of the Ebon Blade at Light’s Hope Chapel, only the human portions of the mind remain, giving the now free, undead worgen control over its destiny. Similarly, the Forsaken discovered that the Archmage Arugal had access to enchantments that allowed his favored worgen servants – which included Lord Harford – to retain a fair deal of their human intelligence as well. The source of these enchantments remains a mystery to this day, as Arugal took these secrets with him to his grave.