it’s midnight. you are asleep. or you are up blogging.

you hear a thundering FWUMP. what was that??? oh god is that your neighbor’s house on fire??

you look out the window. the skies are burnt red with blood and flames. your neighborhood is on fire. your house is on fire. it looks like someone dragged a dragon dick through your town’s main street. statues are toppled over. goblin jesus is covered in seaweed.

aw shit, you realize, it’s the end of the world again.

you go back to bed, shrug, and listen to the screams as deathwing is catapulted into the maelstrom all over again by your town’s raiding guild.

he’s been on farm status for months. what did you expect. it’s just the end of the world again. whatever. you go back to sleep listening to thrall get laid.

Didn’t get half way through the second paragraph without thinking Deathwang.