“No, you don’t understand,” Vol’Jin growled as garrosh raised his axe. 

“What is there to understand, whelp! I will crush any who stand in my way.” Vol’Jin snorted, contrary to the fear that filled his eyes. Garrosh tilted his head, the axe faltering. The fear wasn’t because of Garrosh, but something much, much more dangerous.

“Strike me down and ya will have ta deal wit’ a foe greata den any ya will eva face.” Garrosh growled. The old man was bluffing! He cleaved the troll in twain, and great arcs of purple energy shot out across the room and then contracted around Voljin’s body. 

“No! Ya have released de dinosaurs from dey slumba!”

im the blue flying dinosaur i call dibs

can i be tatersaurus