I am bored and not sleepy, so, fuck it, here’s some things I learned over the past three plus years playing WoW while at the forums.

1. No one who plays WoW works on Tuesdays. In fact, if you normally don’t have time off, it will be given to you on Tuesday. You will also be in a guild that raids on Tuesdays. You will share these facts eight minutes after the first maintenance delay is announced.

2. There is, in fact, only one time zone. It is Eastern Standard time, and why the fuck hasn’t Blizzard moved maintenance to make that easier for us.

3. The percentage of people who know what PST stands for is staggeringly low.

4. The best way to annoy a WoW player is to give them precisely what they asked for.

5. The elite players in the game, who hate the idea of nerfs, are all apparently posting on alts that, at the time of the nerf in question, haven’t apparently finished the raid that has been nerfed. Because that’s what happens when someone complains about the casuals taking over the game; they’re all 5/8 in Normal DS

6. There is nothing more fun than going into a thread about Blizzard’s Horde bias, posting “THAT’S FOR CAMP TAURAJO!” and running away cackling madly.

7. Pointing out that, logically, the 20,000 VP it takes to buy all the rep based gear is more of a gate than grinding dailies, will get you ignored so fast it’ll make your head spin.

8. Everything that goes wrong with the game is a conspiracy by Blizzard to annoy their player base. That this goes against the profit model of any sensible company never seems to occur to people.

9. Posting on a female Draenei toon will get EVERYONE to like you. Without fail. Hug a few Blood Elf females, and you’re GOLDEN.