Adrasteius has always had a complicated relationship with fire.  It’s literally in his blood, and has been since birth, but it wasn’t until late in life that he began to work with it as a mage.  As a young (elf)man, he had kept to the priesthood, to the calming arts of the Holy Light, but when Quel’thalas and his people were destroyed by the Scourge, he was forced to seek a new path.  Always frightened of his aptitude for this destructive element, Adrasteius avoided learning true fire magic until he was at his lowest point, his most desperate.

He has come to understand that fire is both life and death; an element that can nourish a body as well as it can destroy it.  But he still fears for his self-control; he still fears a day when the high temper produced by his fireblood will cause him to do something—something else—he truly regrets.