Kalecgos is such a turd, like what does he even do besides annoy people?

This dude is as strong as 10 prince ali’s and as magical as the genie, who cleverly disguises himself as a half elf with blue anime hair named HIS OWN NAME like that’s some sort of fucking surprise.

So basically he’s like this chump kid and he gets sent to investigate the belf wal mart for ghosts or whatever and finds the most mary sue character ever made, like worse than thrall and arthas and garona’s kid combined.

This chick is basically taylor swift from hillsbrad.  She and Kalec get captured by this evil belf who’s super generic, and he gets trapped in human form because like… this dude had the foresight to make magic dragon trapping collars?  idk he’s either really smart or extremely lucky and eccentric, but anyway he catches them and like moves them around or w/e

But kaelc is fucking retarded and can’t do anything, so he falls off a cliff and taylor swift casts slowfall, which is a BIG FUCKING DEAL I never learned that shit at like level 20 or whatever.

So kalec is like wow level 20 mage wow taylor swift we’re getting back together.

then some crap happens, they get their collars off and somewhere along the line alexstrasza’s boyfriend joins the party and is like “lol taylor swift is just a hologram like tupac”, because she was created to be like this kawaii version of the sunwell so nobody would want to tap dat

And her parents are invisible or whatever

So KAlecgos is like it’s okay Tupac is my favorite bless him on his celestial throne on mars, and he stays behind at the Sunwell to bang the shit out of holoswift.

and then the raid happens and she breaks up with him by sacrficing herself, and you’re like Kalecgos I really don’t care

at all

But he’s really important!  He hangs out near goblins and gets promoted to Guy of the Blue Dragonflight, what a champion.  Nice hair, nice pants, nice dick.

And then he’s like WOAH ANOTHER MAGICAL GIRL LEVEL 85 MAGE JAINA and because he’s like 15 and just gets erections over girls who can cast slowfall he like blah blah theramore blah kalecgos has a fetish for mortals

on the bright side at least jaina isn’t an invisible tupac who sings country music

Where does Tarecgosa fit into all of this?