I’ve done a few commissions where people were willing to pay decently and it was fun and rewarding work. I still felt bad that they could get a piece for $40ish from a handful of other artists instead of my 130+ but they assured me they loved my work/style~ One even returned for another recently and is so excited for another, even bigger project.

I have a stupid dream of one day being good enough to make a living off art online but with bizarre competition like full body+BG paintings for 30(!) dollars it is a little concerning.

Seems you need to be INCREDIBLY talented right now to offer what could be called “decent” prices (200-300) and have consistent clientele.

I’d love to do this casually/freelance and deal with individual art lovers instead of organizations/businesses but if i want to live comfortably…

And yes my experience would be in the furry fandom. I heard DA is even worse but i have no experience at all with them or the community.

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Dear artists – CHARGE WHAT YOUR TIME IS WORTH. Stop undermining everybody else. That only hurts the whole community.