• Troll:
  1. Pick two consonants from J, T, Z, L, M, or N.
  2. Pick a vowel and put it between them. (Preferably U.)
  3. Repeat.
  • Blood Elf:
  1. Pick a popular girl’s name from Earth (toon gender irrelevant).
  2. Mix up the syllables, change some vowels, add an umlaut or something.
  3. Throw on a dash of ‘sil’ or ‘lin’ or ‘ala’ for good, Sin’dorei flavor.
  4. BONUS: For a surname, simply append a verb to ‘Sun-’ or ‘Dawn-‘.
  • Tauren:
  1. Pick a ‘Native American’ word. Done.
  • Orc:
  1. Cough hard into a speech-to-text program. Use what transcribes.
  • Undead:
  1. Pick the most mundane human Earth name you can possibly imagine, or an everyday noun like ‘Blanket’.
  2. BONUS: For a surname, cobble together various synonyms for vile imagery. The more macabre and nonsensical, the better!

EXTRA BONUS ALTERNATIVE: Just grab a name from mythology, even in-game-lore mythology! Are you Bwonsamdi? Okay! Are you Azrael? Sure thing! Are you an Erinyes? Go for it!

EXTRA SUPER BONUS ALTERNATIVE: Keysmash a syllable or two and give it a dragon suffix. Congratulations, you’re now an officially-advertised dragonkin!

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