Honor? I do not think that word means what Blizzard thinks it means.

The journey of Prince Anduin Wrynn across is a seriously fucked-up story in the middle of what is otherwise a really good expansion. Nothing he does, or the way our characters are force to respond, makes any sense at all. Here, Alayda has found him amidst a group of Pandaran fleeing the destruction of their temple. He says something along the lines of “Since we are both guests here, I’m sure your sense of honor as a member of the Horde will keep you from doing anything unseemly.” Come again? First of all, Alayda is not a guest – she’s the hero who saved a bunch of losers in the wilderness. Secondly, there is no agreement to “let the prince do what he wants” in place for her to honor. Now, it might be dishonorable to whip out a cauldron and introduce the Panda-folk to Crown Prince Stew, but that doesn’t mean she has to take his orders either.

It seems to me that to allow children who have clearly run away from home to wander unprotected through a very hostile jungle is not an honorable course of action. Instead, the only proper thing to do would be to grab him by the scruff of his royal neck, sling him across the back of her kodo, and get him to Orgrimmar as quickly as possible. There he could be kept safe, clean, and well-fed (maybe even lose his cherry to some pretty young slave girls) until his father sees fit to provide a ransom worthy of his high rank. This would be the only thing honor would demand.

Seriously, Blizzard, you do a good job of telling compelling stories about the people of Azeroth, but when you try to rise to the level of international politics you just churn out garbage. Please, please stop trying, or hire someone who can actually write the big picture stuff with more depth than a Nickelodian cartoon.

Preferably someone who understands what it means to have a sense of honor.

He’d just mind control you and run you off a cliff.