I had no choice but to take down the post in which I discussed what I believed to be a serious issue in the video game World of Warcraft. I will be handling the matter the old-fashioned way from here on.

The sexist, homophobic and downright stupid comments it was gaining had all the markings of turning into the kind of shitstorm that would only hurt good people.

Thanks to everyone who showed support instead of hate. It was a nice idea while it lasted.


nobody agreed w/ me so im taking down my post everyone who disagreed with me is a sexist, homophobic retard the word tampon is the most beautiful word and should never be censored because women should be able to stand on a mountain, proud and bold, and loudly proclaim the word


no you’re  atamopon


please dont use the word tampon as an insult thats extremely homophobic and sexist tampons are beautiful creations of man and should be handled with the most gentle of care

beautiful creations of man wow that’s sexist are women not allowed to make tampons god you’re just another example of how women are taught to have so much internalized misogyny by the ruling patriarchy that they think only men should control what things go in and out of a woman’s body

wow i bet u’d even vote 4 romey die cis scum

um excuse me ? ‘cis scum’ ? im transgender, you transphobic piece of shit. have you ever considered that perhaps i dont feel comfortable with the genitals ive been assigned and just want to rub a big bulging cock all over somebody’s face. perhaps you should learn to think before you speak, fagnaros, as you are being extremely homophobic and sexist right now.

o please you don’t want a penis you liar that’s just the patriarchy at work

your vagina is beautiful regardless of what the patriarchy makes you think and plus as an added bonus your vagina ownership means you get to spend 800% more time discussing every man, woman, and little child’s favourite and most sacred of things