kiango and i are talking halfbreeds in wow

“i don’t think the problem when creating mules is actually getting the horse/donkey pregnant with one; i’m pretty sure the offspring is just infertile
but given Garona is a thing you really can do whatever”

“me: so basically anything can put its dick in anything if both of them consent but that doesnt mean they can make a babby thing
kiango: in real life, yes
and with things in the same genus, anything can put its dick in anything if both of them consent and they CAN make a baby but depending on chromosome count it might be infertile
and in WoW i guess there is a set number of chromosomes everyone has and everyone fucking deals with it”

i just had to share because god damnit zoe is too sassy about everything 2 perf

hang on I miss Guild Wars and their “None of the races can have babies together as that is dumb” policy.

does the existence of garona mean that sunsworn will tolerate my new super sugoi OC, Anabellastasia Sunstriderwalker the tauren/elf paladin who is the daughter of kael’thas sunstrider

because that’s how I’M interpreting it, because that character’s level of ridiculousness is about the same as this whole thing

One word: