Weaving Dicks: vara. stop. let the hero die. just let him die. that makes for good…





let the hero die.

just let him die.

that makes for good plot!

shit on your hope shit on everyone’s hope hope is for homosexuals who want equal rights and fat people who want to be human shit on all of that

because if I HAVE TO GO INTO MY 5.1 RANT—



Anduin isn’t going to die. That’s partially due to the fact that the ESRB is an incredibly frustrating monster and it’s incredibly difficult to kill off a child character in any kind of a gruesome/meaningful manner. The other part of that is because Anduin is shaping up to become the Alliance’s Green Jesus. They aren’t going to kill Anduin.

And on the wacky off chance that Anduin actually DID die, they would just bullshit him back to life with “da powa of da light” or something equally as stupid. You seem to have had a moment of confusion in which you thought you were playing a quality rpg with writers who understand the weight of character deaths and how to play with human emotions. For that, I pity you.

Please, if the writers had any sense, they wouldn’t have to kill off Anduin in the first place.

The Alliance already has more then enough reason to split Garrosh open for purples given what he did in Cataclysm, and Garrosh hasn’t been exactly diplomatic with the other members of the Horde. Theramore, and whatever’s going on in the Echo Isles in 5.1 means the only other races he hasn’t slighted yet are the Goblins. 

and THIS is where YOU stop

because hey, here’s an idea, let’s give garrosh a kick in the ass and an intervention, have him grow as a character cuz hey he DID bring the horde together, via it was bloodshed but it worked!  and look at all his available mentors.  See: Saurofang, Thrall, etc.

They DIDN’T need to make him a monster, he is a great Warchief!  but NO.  EVERYTHING STAG SAID PLUS MY FURY.

Haha bring the Horde together. That’s why Vol’jin told Garrosh that he despises him,   Sylvanas and Loth’remar sent emissaries to Theramore, and Baine said that he’d never do such a thing again.

That’s rich.