Kiango Elksy I love both your blogs, you are both quite amussing in your own ways

but seriously understand he doesn’t attack the city

he pops in, takes the thing that control the sha

and scampers out

no attack

no siege or nothing

he pops in and out and trolls away while Vol’jin almost dies up near the BMAH

does he still kill anduin

I think his blackrock orc buddy (from Tides) will be the one to do it

his audio doesn’t sound like he was the one to do it, more of he was there when it happens and he is laughing at how Varien will feel

>laughing about how varian will feel

you know something

Garrosh thinks he hates the Alliance.

He really thinks he hates humans.

He thinks the hatred he feels towards Varian is probably the most a person is capable of hating another being.

But let me tell you something:

After Anduin dies, nothing, NOTHING could ever compare to the loss and regret and seething, unbridled hate that Varian will feel towards Garrosh and everyone involved. 

And something tells me garrosh is going to find this out the hard way. 

Garrosh thinks he knows hatred, but I’m not so sure. He knows passion.

This. This right here. 

Even Garrosh’s passion will pale in comparison to Varian’s after Anduin’s death.