pretty sure vampires dgaf about family ties at all and just fuck whoever

plus aren’t the rules of shipping anything just

  • are they hot
  • did they look in each other’s general direction

and if they meet both of those criteria they are 100% hard gay for each other

even if it’s a heterosexual ship, they are 100% hard gay for each other

#and fuck those aren’t even mandatory #they can just be hot #or just glance at each other
hard gay always


half of my dashboard is tvd feels because of you and i don’t even know a god damn thing about that show, but i can tell that these men and these women, they are hard gay for each other

their gay can be felt throughout the cosmos

also one of them is dead and didn’t want to be

sometimes i will be tediously writing a post about how someone is WRONG and how pink elves can’t turn into cats because fuck you they need to be purple and i suddenly feel this heavy weight upon my heart, like nothing will ever be happy again

and i realize, somewhere

mama lesbian is lashing about in anguish because this pretty hard gay girl is dead

well of course pink elves cant turn into cats

the cats are purple

we cant have pink elves turning into purple cats

theres just not enough magic for that