Wait? Kalec and Jaina are canon?

Ok, that’s awesome, I no longer have to feel like a freakish pervert for having an AU in which our mains end up paired with some blues. (Come on, blue dragon + blood elf mage … what’s not to love?)

So Blizz, you will have dragon/human kinks but no gay characters in WoW? PFFFT. 

Also dammit Jaina, you’re such a slut.

Tholo x Anren (not obvious, but heavily implied)…and that chick in the new pickpocketed romance novel grey is definitely a lesbian—the fact she has a female mate is very plainly stated.

Also dammit, Jaina hasn’t had any in several years.  She, and any other woman, can be friends with a man without automatically fucking him.

They do kiss though.

There is also a lady in the Shrine of the Seven Stars that has the same last name as a female dwarf standing next to her, and uses the /flirt emote at her occasionally.